WORDS Can not Express how truly grateful I am to have assistance boarding our beloved puppy ####. The thought of leaving her behind in such a toxic environment was something my heart just could not bear. If I knew there was such amazing assistance in this situation I would have left earlier. To some people a dog is just a pet, but to me she is more like a daughter, protector, and ##### a true best friend. She is a survivor along side me and my babygirl. With all the stress and trauma that comes with domestic violence just knowing our girl was ssafe and cared for meant the world to me, and was one less thing my heart had to worry about. The kindness the community has shown us in this hard time is something I will be grateful everyday of my life I am overwhelmed with appreciation and thanks to this wonderful community my baby and purry can continue to grow up together! Thank you. You have no idea the impact this had on our lives.

Testimonia Two

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