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Society tends to idealize December as a month filled with parties, gatherings, cookie baking, decorations, and a spirit of warmth. We envision families making traditions come alive with food, stories, gifts, and joyful laughter. We read books, watch movies, shop, and make food together. We cuddle up with a good book, hot tea, and a fire. We relish the safety and security of home.

Unfortunately, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), too many Nevada families do not experience the picturesque holidays we all long for. 

NCADV reports that for several recent years, Nevada had, unfortunately, ranked first in the nation for domestic violence fatalities. The organization indicates that 43.8% of Nevada women and 32.8% of Nevada men have experienced intimate violence and partner stalking. 

For those impacted, many have felt trapped in unsafe living conditions that include spousal, sexual, child, and elder abuse along with physical and cyberstalking. It leads to dangerous and even deadly situations – and many of us never see that coming. 

Victims of domestic violence are surprisingly good at hiding the signs. Based on statistics, there is a strong chance that we brush shoulders on a daily basis with or are or have been a victim of domestic violence ourselves. It is frightening to know that we could easily miss an opportunity to help someone who so desperately needs it.

NCADV explains that reasons for staying in abuse situations are complex. With causes ranging from unsupportive friends and family, manipulation, lack of knowledge, fear of losing custody of children, lack of financial security to fear of homelessness … it all adds up to many remaining in a home that may be unsafe.

Thankfully, Nevada has organizations like S.A.F.E. House to help provide a safe living environment – so that even when we cannot see the pain masked by makeup or a smile, someone can provide a way out. S.A.F.E. House is, “where abuse ends and helping begins,” believing that, “all persons [have the right to] live without fear, abuse, oppression, and violence.”

Through support, advocacy, counseling, education, and safe shelter, S.A.F.E House is providing one of the most comprehensive domestic violence support in the state – right here in Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and beyond. 

The Alliance Foundation is committed to serving local organizations whose mission is to help in times of food insecurity, lack of shelter, and lack of ability to care for animals. We know that when people feel secure – when they have food, shelter, and emotional support, they will have a strong foundation on which they can build a path to prosperity. 

S.A.F.E. House provides all of this and more. This season, the help Alliance Foundation is committing to donating gift packages for adults and older teens to S.A.F.E. House to continue their mission to ensure that EVERYONE can live in safety. As you enjoy your family, help someone else surround themselves with people who value them.

Alliance Foundation has donated gifts, gift cards, and financial support to S.A.F.E. House in the past, so people like *Anne can safely escape a physically abusive home with her children and their family dog, *Max. 

After *Anne courageously took steps to leave the toxic environment in which she felt trapped, S.A.F.E. House was able to assist her with case management, meals, laundry, and support so *Anne and her children could begin rebuilding their life – with *Max.

To help S.A.F.E. House through Alliance Foundation – this season and throughout the year with other projects, donate here.

“Alliance Foundation is a true community partner,” Executive Director Beth Flory said. “They listen to what we truly need and can react in a way that allows us to help our clients effectively.”

Flory said that there have been clients who have received care packages like that Alliance Foundation provides whose lives have been changed.

“It gives them hope,” Flory said. “The victims never expect anything. And, one mother, I remember, received a scarf and other things, and she looked at me and told me that she knew, now, that she would be OK. God would provide for her. I was in tears. …So these things that Alliance Foundation allows us to do – it makes a difference.”

Additionally, you can make a difference in raising awareness and combating intimate partner violence! If you know someone experiencing relationship abuse or domestic violence, use the methods listed above to support, encourage, and gently guide them!  

*Names changed to protect those involved

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