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Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hulk … Did you know that April 28 is National Superhero Day?

Movies and comic books and television shows revolve around the superhuman powers these intrepid characters possess.  These characters do the seemingly impossible and make it look easy. They are called upon to save lives, change situations, rescue mere mortals from danger, change the world. They are asked to use that one skill that sets them apart to do something beyond belief.

Superheroes thwart colossal typhoons, scale buildings, lift enormous amounts of weight, fly – without a plane.  These movie and comic book characters do everything that humans cannot.

But the concept of what superheroes are has gone through somewhat of a refining process lately. The pandemic caused us to re-evaluate superheroes. We started to see them in the nurses, physicians, paramedics, and other first responders who put their own lives in danger to help others. We started to see them in the people who visited the elderly. We began to see them in those who went out of their way to make sure we were OK when we were drowning in isolation.

Alliance Foundation sees superheroes all around us.

As we partner with organizations like Nevada Hand, SAFE House Nevada, and others, we know it is superheroes like these who keep hope alive.

woman finding dinner allianceWe know that food, shelter, and emotional support can give every human being a start on the path to prosperity. But not everyone has access to them for a myriad of reasons.

We’ve met true superheroes who have battled addiction, endured abuse, and suffered unfathomable losses – and who are striving to overcome and find their own path. They chose not to give up. They chose to seek hope. They chose to look for help. It takes superhero-like strength to take those steps.

In seeking that assistance, they’ve found places like Nevada Hand and SAFE House Nevada. For those in Las Vegas – an area where many desperately need support, these two organizations employ the superheroes who have given hope when hope was all but lost.

Through innovative programs such as SAFE House’s animal housing along with confidential shelter, food, emotional support, and case management or Nevada Hand’s commitment to affordable housing with a stable environment, access to education, and support for economic opportunity, nonprofits in Las Vegas are working to create a pathway to prosperity for our community.

When clients walk through those doors, they are opening a door to a new journey. They find people who are genuinely interested in walking alongside them, giving them fresh inspiration, providing them with tools to change their circumstance, and supporting healing as they prepare to embark on a new life. They learn to see their value. They embrace the gift of confidential, safe shelter and meal assistance with sincerity because they know what it is like to go without. They grasp at the opportunity to work with a case manager or a support member so they can make decisions about their own future.

As they learn to put their best foot forward, they, very often, become the people who come back to work for the organizations that helped them. They become people who offer help to others. They become mentors. They become leaders. They become confidants – because they don’t need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; they already have – and they know what it means to have someone help you and believe in you.

Alliance Foundation believes everyone can thrive when they have safe shelter, access to nutrition, and positive emotional support. That is why we support organizations who seek to lift others up.

We also know that, by working together, everyone can make superhero-like differences in the lives of others. Not everyone can volunteer at a shelter every day, work at the food pantry each night, or take in animals while their owner escapes an abusive environment. Not everyone can start a nonprofit. Not everyone can fund an entire giving program during the holidays. We can’t do it alone, but, together, we can achieve great things.

When you donate to Alliance Foundation, you can be certain that your generous gift will go to an organization in need. When nonprofits that provide economic support, housing assistance, and mentoring and case management services are financially unable to sustain a program, Alliance Foundation is there. We believe not in creating another organization to provide these services, but in giving the superheroes the support they need to sustain their already successfully developed programs.

Do you want to be a superhero, too? Help us help others by donating here. Your donation can save a life – and that is a pretty cool superpower to have.

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