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January brings with it all the hopes of new dreams and fresh starts.

At Alliance Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves a fresh start. That is why we work with the community to raise money in support of organizations that assist Las Vegas-area residents looking forward to brighter, safer futures.

We form alliances with other nonprofits, so that, when called upon, we have the resources to help provide a service for which they do not have funds – because, during difficult times, support, both large and small, matters.

As Nevada continues to battle domestic violence, food insecurity, and the lack of emotional support for battered and endangered adults and children, we see the organizations behind the success stories. We know that no one escapes alone.

Lack of income, fear for the safety of pets, absence of family support, apprehension of losing custody of children, the anxiety of social stigma, or inconsistency of abuse keep many in a dangerous home life. But there is hope.

With help from places like S.A.F.E. House and Nevada Hand – organizations that support the three pillars, we believe lead to a path of prosperity – adults and children have been given the support they need to start a new life.

S.A.F.E. House Nevada Executive Director Beth Flory explained how important that support is. Aside from the counseling service, legal assistance, housing, and pet boarding it provides, there are other things that seem small, but give hope in the mire of fear and uncertainty.

“We had a client several years ago who had two young sons,” Flory said. “She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to make it on her own.”

*Samantha had been living in the shelter for a short time and knew that her children would be given a good Christmas because of S.A.F.E. House.

“The community helps us by adopting families and providing items on their wish list,” Flory said. “But we allow the adult to wrap the gifts – to help them feel more like they are able to provide for their children.”

She explained that *Samantha had been praying about what she should do – whether she could make it alone or whether she would have to go back to her abuser. In the middle of this difficult time of indecision, the woman was despondent, but one action changed her future.

“We gave her a scarf – part of our gifts for the older adults and teens – things that Alliance Foundation helps with,” Flory said. “She wasn’t expecting anything for herself – she was thinking about her kids. But we were thinking about her. The community was thinking about her.”

It was at that moment that Flory described *Samantha, her eyes rimmed with tears of hope, gently touching the scarf, and placing it around her neck. With newfound courage, she told Flory that, because of this gesture, she knew she was not alone. She knew that she would be protected and that God would provide for her and her children.

Her story doesn’t end there. Flory also explained that *Samantha continues to keep in contact with S.A.F.E. House.

“This was eight to 10 years ago,” she said. “She is doing well, and she had gone back to college.”

She created a new life for herself – a life full of hope.

When she can, *Samantha gives back to the very place that helped her get back on her feet.

It is stories like these which encourage others who are trapped in similar circumstances. It is stories like *Samantha’s which embolden victims to envision what a fresh start can look like. When our community is flooded with stories of support, and when we listen to survivors who were encircled by people who believed in their success, we can’t help but see the impact we can have when we work together.

Alliance Foundation strives to provide financial resources that can be available to nonprofits when they need them. In December, Alliance was able to grant S.A.F.E. House Nevada 100 Christmas gift bags to create Christmas care packages for older teens and adults like *Samantha as well as supplement gifts for children.

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There is hope. We believe this. We live this.

We cannot do this without your help.  To make a contribution, please donate here. We are ready to help others create a new beginning. Are you?

If you are in an unsafe living situation, please reach out to S.A.F.E. House. You are not alone.

702-564-3227 (24-hour hotline)


Additionally, you can make a difference in raising awareness and combating intimate partner violence! If you know someone experiencing relationship abuse or domestic violence, use the methods listed above to support, encourage, and gently guide them!  

*Names changed to protect those involved

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