Worldwide increasing lifespans and declining birthrates.

As the United Nations prepares to celebrate International Day of Family, we recognize that family means something different to everyone. Worldwide increasing lifespans and declining birth rates have increased economic hardship and family stability.

Worldwide declining birth rates and increased lifespan has left families with fewer family members able to join the workforce, impacting the stability of the family unit.

“Family” evokes different feelings within every person. It can be rather elusive in its definition. Sometimes it can refer to a close-knit, cohesive unit, supporting one another and looking after one another. At other times, it can be thought of as a loosely knit group of people who may not always get along, but who will always have each other’s backs no matter what. And, for some, it is a broken group of related people – with no reliable family member in their corner to count on when life gets hard.

The United Nations has designated May 15 as International Day of Families – for nearly three decades.

What began as a focus on issues related to family, particularly with respect to economic and social elements, became a worldwide yearly effort to promote awareness and eliminate poverty, discrimination, abuse, preventable deaths, and environmental destruction. Since 1983, the United Nations has followed the trending demographics of families and analyzed that data. The 2023 theme is Demographic Trends and Families.

With the world’s population reaching eight billion in 2022, the UN has put its focus on the future – and the well-being of families.

Worldwide increasing lifespans coupled with declining birth rates mean that many households have less support and fewer family members to rely upon. This is magnified during times of economic hardship. There are fewer family members available to work to contribute to the household income, yet there is an ever-increasing number of family members relying upon them.

At Alliance Foundation, we understand that family looks different for every household, and financial stress along with food insecurity, domestic violence, and homelessness can impact the well-being of children and the resourcefulness of adults. The vicious circle leads to a lifetime of challenges that impacts future generations for years to come.

At the core of families are parents who desire the best for their children. When they are pushed to the brink, their dedication to their children gets thrust into the forefront. They seek help for themselves for the sake of their children. But it takes an incredible amount of courage and humility.

That is why Alliance Foundation is proud of its relationship with S.A.F.E. House Nevada.

S.A.F.E. House Nevada provides safe shelter for women and children who need a safe place to live while they are getting their feet back on firm ground. Their team of volunteers and staff provide the support and tools necessary for building a new life.

Counselors provide both on- and off-site counseling for individuals and families to help families bond and make choices together. Professionals are available to assist in legal advocacy and accompaniment. Their emergency shelter is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they provide affordable housing assistance for those ready to embark on their journey. Just as important, S.A.F.E House Nevada provides community awareness opportunities to help others identify those in an abusive situation.

mothers day items IMG 5548
Mothers who are seeking refuge from abusive homes were honored last year with Mother’s Day gift bags. Filled with snacks, facemasks, a soap holder, chocolate treats, green tea, lip balm, and bath salts, we hope that this gift helped these women feel loved, appreciated, valued, and cared for without guilt.

With your help, we were able to gift 50 women a bag filled with pampering gifts for the women who work so hard for their children – striving to find a better home environment, working on their own healing, and creating a new path to prosperity. We are proud of those who have taken the next step to a safer life, and we are hopeful that these unexpected bags helped brighten the days that they work so hard to cultivate for their children.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of encouragement to mothers in need. Donate to Alliance Foundation. We help nonprofits finish their fundraising, but we also gift them with food, clothing, and other essential and nonessential items – because it only takes a small gift to make someone feel special.

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