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SAFE House is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse/violence. Founded in the early 1990s, the organization has been serving the Las Vegas community for over two decades. SAFE House offers a range of services, including emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and community outreach.

At the heart of SAFE House's mission is the belief that everyone deserves to live free from violence and abuse. The organization works tirelessly to provide a safe and supportive environment for survivors to heal and rebuild their lives. Whether it's offering a listening ear or providing practical resources like shelter and legal advocacy, SAFE House is committed to standing with survivors every step of the way.

Through their work, SAFE House has made a significant impact in the Las Vegas community and beyond. By providing critical resources and support to survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse/violence, the organization is helping to break the cycle of violence and promote healing and hope. The Alliance Foundation is proud to partner with SAFE House and support their vital work in the community.

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